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If you’re reading this, thanks for checking out my blog 🙂

I’m Chris, a 21 year old Media student, based in West Yorkshire and the midlands.

The life I lead, is by no means any more exciting than yours, I just enjoy blogging, making videos and communicating with others. So this is how I combine the three. My blog is also in no one aimed just at guys!

The fashion I love is affordable fashion – My mum has always refused to pay more than what is necessary, and I think it’s caught on.

The skincare section of my blog is based on my continuous search to find a product that cleanses, moisturises and improves the overall quality of my skin. A product that does all three is my goal.

As for the travel section, I’m the type who hates sitting indoors for long periods of time. The travel section therefore isn’t travel as in flying abroad for a luxury holiday, it is more just based on places I go, things I get up to.

I’m also looking for others to guest blog, so if you enjoy writing posts, let me know!

If you have any questions, contact me on social media!

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Have a good day 🙂