(Guest post by Peter Minkoff )

There has always been talk about how fashion and beauty industry are changing. Beauty and fashion standards for women, but women are not the only ones affected. Men too, especially in the latest several of years, have been affected by the changes in the beauty industry. As the time goes by, beauty standards and cosmetic products are becoming more male-specific than ever, and “Bro, do you even lift” is not the only appearance-related question men are asking each other. In fact, men’s facial skin care is expected to grow in the following years. Let us see what are the global trends concerning men’s skincare and how are they changing lives of individual men.


Specific Products

Up until recently men basically used one cream for everything – from taking care of irritated skin to morning moisturizing, and there was no difference between the products used for oily and the ones used for dry skin. This practice is, fortunately over, and men are finally aware how important is to nurture their skin. For instance, men’s facial skin needs far more hydration than women’s, since it can get irritated and dry due to shaving. According to Mintel’s research it’s exactly this segmentation (specific products targeting specific skin conditions) that’s going to drive the changes in beauty industry.

Still Keeping It Simple

Still, the skincare routine among men, especially in the US and Europe, is far from complicated. The daily grooming routine of a modern man must be adapted not only to the specific needs of his skin, but also to his lifestyle, which is often hasty and restless. Men do search for products targeting their skin type, but they aren’t willing to spend too much time on applying them. Applying a hair mask and leaving it to settle for half an hour is still a “girls’ thing”.

Grooming Servicesperson-602971_1280

There is a surge in men going to salons for grooming services. More and more men are realizing that some things you simply can’t DIY, and that, from time to time, there’s a need for professional services when it comes to skincare. Those services include everything from tanning, waxing and laser hair removal to facials and massages.

Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is no longer exclusively reserved for women. With the years of innovation and more liberal approach to men’s grooming, thy myth of nip-and-tuck being “a women’s thing” is finally debunked. Men in Australia are deciding for cosmetic surgery from Sydney to Perth, and the situation is not very different in other countries across the globe. Some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures among men are chin implants, liposuction and rhinoplasty. It’s not out of the ordinary for men in mid 30s and older to decide to inject dermal fillers.

The “Greener” Side of Skincare

With the millennials leading the trends in men’s skincare, it’s no wonder that the eco-friendliness is a big deal when choosing the products. And although this trend is not very visible right now and doesn’t affect the market significantly, we can notice more and more organic brands specifically targeting eco-conscious customer base, with natural herbal oils for beard and hair care and shaving, moisturizing and exfoliating products with naturally grown ingredients and without harsh chemicals that could cause further irritation or other skin issues.


It’s clear now that all-purpose and all-skin-type products for men simply don’t cut it anymore, and we’ll see more and more market segmentation. However, it’s important to understand that beauty industry doesn’t dictate changes for men, but rather the men are dictating the changes for the beauty industry. You see, the modern gentleman knows that he deserves much more than on-the-go skincare, and he expects the products and procedures of today to meet his needs.


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