I remember being at my sisters graduation, roughly 4 years ago now, and thinking how awesome it would be to be the next to go to University and graduate. My sister was the first in the family to graduate and with us being a like in so many ways, I was pretty sure that I would at least give uni a shot. I remember being told to consider whether I went or not, carefully as “First year is great, second year is a mixture of good and bad and third year is hell”. Thats exactly how it was! I’ve mentioned before in recent blog posts that I wasn’t a fan of the course after the first year and aside from the social experience of going to university, it’s not something I would do again.

What is important however, is the fact that despite it being a challenge, and often questioning whether it was worth it, I stuck at it and it was worth it. I’ve never been someone who really shares their academic success, mainly due to the fact that I’m aware there are many others who have been even more successful. I am however really proud of the fact that, not only did I actually pass my degree, I managed to achieve a 2:1 in Media. Yes there were others that achieved 1st’s and some even achieved additional awards; but that was because they invested more time in to the course and they were more interested in the theory heavy course. I’m ok with that and I will happily admit that they were deserving of the grade achieved. I don’t however let it take away from the fact I worked hard and my grade was a result of the work that I did.

The day of graduation itself was good fun. Many seemed to forget about the fact they hated having their photo taken and were happy to be in front of almost every camera on the campus and I’m pretty sure everybody was secretly loving the feeling that came with wearing the gown and hat. My mum even happily got in some of the photos which is very rare, although she did say “only one” or “last one” quite a few times”…  I also definitely saw a few people, myself included, do a little wave of the gown as though it were the cape of a superhero. The atmosphere was just ace; exactly how, for most people, the last day of university should be.

The ceremony part of the day went by ridiculously quick, in fact the whole morning of graduation went quick. The ceremony, traditionally long and boring, was actually enjoyable. My personal highlight was the scary walk, in front of a lot of people and multiple cameras, to collect my degree, which was made even better by being handed my degree by Gabby Logan. It meant that little extra being handed the degree by somebody who is seen as a role model, in particular for media students. And I think I speak for most people though when I say the walk to collect the degree either flashes by in 2 seconds or it feels like a lifetime.

There was also a speech given by Gabby as the universities chancellor, in which she explained why it was important for us graduates to not give up and believe in ourselves. Although the speech wasn’t life changing, there were a couple of things that I took from it. We can twist bad situations to motivate us; when you fail at something, it isn’t a failure, it just simply hasn’t gone right this time round. Next time it might. We should also take opportunities that we may not believe we will succeed at; you may surprise yourself and be offered further opportunity of the back of it.


Every formal occasion I attend, I always end up wearing black trousers, black shoes, white shirt and black tie. I also didn’t want to wear a full suit including jacket as I expected the gown would be warm anyway and I for sure, made the right decision. When it came to going shopping to find an outfit to wear for my graduation I decided to change it up slightly. I knew I wanted to go for grey trousers and tan shoes and so I was pretty happy with the final outfit. The outfit also didn’t break the bank which is always slightly satisfying.


White Shirt with black button detail – Burtons
Charcoal Tie – Primark
Dark Grey Trousers – Topman
Tan/Brown Shoes – New Look

Have an awesome day!

Chris 🙂


2 thoughts on “GRADUATION

  1. I graduated last week too and it was awesome!
    The weather was brilliant too, although standing in 35 degree heat in a black robe wasn’t the best moment haha
    I blogged mine too over at

    I can’t believe you met Gabby Logan. That must have been so cool!
    I loved this part the best in your post – “Although the speech wasn’t life changing, there were a couple of things that I took from it. We can twist bad situations to motivate us; when you fail at something, it isn’t a failure, it just simply hasn’t gone right this time round. Next time it might.”
    I know exactly how this feels and I’m so happy for you that you graduated in exactly what you wanted to do 🙂

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