I love moving house! There is something quite exciting about it; possibly just the newness and change of scene. Just over a week ago we moved out of our student house and into our professional house. I don’t really understand why the term ‘professional house’ is a thing, its just a house, for somebody who is no longer a student. Anyway, having lived in the same house up until moving in to university halls, its crazy to have just moved for the 3rd time in 3 years.

I think a lot of people find moving house quite stressful; and I’m sure I would experience this too if it was my own house, rather than a shared move. I do however think the excitement of being able to buy new furniture and make your space homely makes it all worth it. My first trip to buy new things for the house was the same day we moved in; everybody loves a trip to IKEA and I just didn’t want to wait.

The one part of the whole experience which isn’t fun however is the responsibility of household bills! What a complete fun sponge. It is however something that has to be done and I’m now glad that I took the “get it sorted and out the way” approach. The good thing about sharing a house with friends is you obviously are able to share the bills between each other; anybody who has to sort the bills by themselves, medals for you.

I’m sure for many this isn’t much of a task; I disagree. I was on hold to a particular energy company for an hour just trying to get through to a member of staff! Now an hour is a long time and whats worse is after that hour waiting and listening to “we will get you through to a colleague as soon as possible” more times than I’d like to imagine, I was cut off! So I took a different approach and tried to sort it via the online chat! I should say in the companies defence; the online chat was a quick and fairly simple process. The questions I had to answer however we’re slightly irritating! I had explained that it was the first time ever having to set up and deal with the bills however I still had to answer questions on the age of the house, the type of meters installed and how many KWH the house used. What even is KWH?! I tried looking in to it and saw something about using a hoover for 40 minutes at which point I gave up and just agreed to the recommended usage!

I think one of the main realisations I’ve had this time round when moving however is just how stressful and difficult it must have been for my mum! I have come to realise just how appreciative I am of the fact that, my mum (like many others), managed to raise 4 children whilst working and having to pay for a house and all the bills by herself. It’s a real wake up call now to realise that all those times I thought my mum was exaggerating when she said “money doesn’t go far”, “100/200 pound is a lot of money”, was actually an understatement. It all makes complete sense now.

On a side note from moving house and responsibilities I just wanted to say a thanks for Toad Diaries for sending me a personalised blogger diary! I went for a simple cover however I love how much space is in such a small diary! I’ve mentioned it before about how unorganised I am, so hopefully if I stick to using the diary it will help! Oh and I also attempted to make the little frog origami thing included but failed slightly!

IMG_0343  IMG_0344

Moving house: Hate it or Love it? Comment below.



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