It is pretty obvious and goes without saying that the world, the environment we are living in, is becoming more dangerous. The multiple attacks, on groups of innocent individuals within the last year is a reflection of this. For a while, a lot of people put this down to a case of “maybe it’s always been like this, it’s just now we are hearing about it a lot more”. This may well be the case, but only to a certain extent. The recent attack on those at Pulse nightclub in Orlando has really got me thinking about the world we are living in and the way we are living.

For a long time now I’ve had a lot I’d love to be able to say to as many people as possible, as I’m sure many people have. It would be great to be able to persuade anybody against another individual, to just accept that person for who they are. The sad fact is, it’s never going to happen. There are thousands, if not millions, of people who don’t agree with another’s religion, sexuality or life choices and that is ok. No two individuals have to agree with each other.  That is a right we are entitled to.

I don’t however understand how any individual believes they have the right to place judgement based on one individual who happens to share a commonality with another. Disagreeing with beliefs, decisions and attitudes is good, life would be pretty boring if we all agreed. Harming others because of this though really isn’t ok, and I know that sounds stupidly obvious, but to many it obviously isn’t clear enough.

The victims of the attack in Orlando are examples of this; killed because they happened to share a commonality that one individual didn’t like. Killed when those individuals happened to be in an environment where they thought they were safe from others passing judgement on them, and safe from having to feel like the odd one out. They were gay. They were attracted to the same-sex. They just so happened to not be in to girls. It can be put however you like. They were people. Real hard workers, selfless individuals, and they deserved to live their life just as much as anybody.

I can’t begin to understand how one man being attracted to another man affects anybody else. At what point in life does a relationship, whether it be same-sex or not, affect the life of an individual who has no connections to that relationship?

The level of danger we face on a daily basis now is becoming more apparent. There are no guarantees that any of us are safe in our day to day life anymore. Why should this matter to us though? If we spend time thinking about how unsafe a trip to town may be, we are allowing ourselves to be controlled by fear. That can’t happen. Of course it is easier said than done, even for the bravest of people, but we can try.

Decide what it is you would really love to do. Think about the very small percentage of danger later. Take risks but take care and most importantly take control and enjoy yourself! Remember that you although you may dislike somebody, you’ve never experienced the life they have had.

I’m sure there will be people that will disagree with at least one thing I’ve written in this post. I hope that is the case. Tell me if you do disagree, and explain to me why.


Have a good weekend. Enjoy yourself!


Chris 🙂



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