This time last month I noticed I was feeling quite tired constantly and generally just felt physically rubbish. At first I put it down to the stress of finishing my dissertation and starting a new job; it was only when I started to get a slight stomach pain that I thought it was probably linked to my diet.

I then did what I often recommend people don’t do and googled it. I googled the symptoms of gluten sensitivity (not gluten intolerant), and basically had a lot of the symptoms. Now, I know googling this kind of stuff isn’t really the most sensible thing to do however it made sense; the huge amount of foods that I ate were things containing high levels of gluten (bread in particular). I decided that it would be worth trying to cut out gluten completely or as much as I possibly could and to then see if I began feeling physically better.

I’ll be honest; I wasn’t exactly excited about cutting it out. I had this pre-concieved idea that there would be a ridiculously small amount of food that I would actually be able to eat, which would then be reduced by at least 50% because I’m an extremely fussy eater already. Luckily, it definitely isn’t as difficult as I imagined it to be. It’s mainly about being aware of the foods that generally contain gluten, particularly things you wouldn’t expect to, and simply checking the ingredients.

I also expected to be limited to the ‘Free From’ sections in the supermarkets, which again isn’t the case. The downside is of course, the cost of food generally is higher if you’re buying the brand which is gluten free. I found that taking time to check labels meant that I didn’t always end up paying more for one item.

One month later and it has made a difference. I am still feeling slightly tired, although I am still adapting to working Monday until Friday, 9-5. The biggest change I’ve noticed is I no longer feel regularly bloated, which is a great feeling. Being a fussy eater and now having cut gluten out of my diet, I’ve also noticed I am eating a lot more fruit and veg. The difficult is being able to tell whether I am feeling better in myself due to cutting out the gluten or generally just eating healthier; either way, it’s working for me.

I also should say that eating out isn’t a complete nightmare! So many places now often gluten free options; many of which charge a lot extra, and this really annoys me. There are however a lot of places that do offer gluten free options and don’t punish you even more by charging extra. I’m going to be doing some ‘Gluten Free Restaurant Reviews’, so keep your eyes peeled!

Chris 🙂 

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2 thoughts on “A GLUTEN FREE MONTH

  1. I thought for a while that I had a gluten insensitivity, but because i’d been tested for gluten intolerance (runs in my family) and it came back clear, I’d put it out my mind. I ended up going to the docs and I’m now (hopefully) a week away from getting a diagnosis for something extremely different. I’m glad that cutting out gluten seems to have worked for you, and it is incredible to think about how much choice is actually out there! (The chippy I used to work at also offered gluten free fish and chips etc! – I had to get tested about gluten intolerance before I was able to prepare the food) I would suggest going to the docs so you’re able to get an official diagnosis and out your mind at rest about it, though in saying that, I do look forward to reading the GF restaurant reviews!

    Gail http://www.sherbet-aurora.co.uk


    1. I hope you do find out! I really need to find time to go to the doctors just to get an actual professional opinion. And yeah I’ve found a couple places that offer gluten free Fish and chips! The biggest problem with a lot of restaurants is they won’t make an effort to make chips fresh and cook them seperately which would mean gluten intolerant people could actually eat them! Thank you !


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