I think it is pretty normal that when you are just one dissertation away from finishing uni, you begin to think about the past 2 or 3 years and reflect on uni. That is where I’m currently at.

When I moved to uni on the 21st of September 2013, I remember thinking on the 3 hour drive to Leeds; “What am I actually doing? I’ve never been to any part of Yorkshire and I’ve never even visited the university I’m about to spend 3 years at”. I definitely questioned my decisions at the time. Now when I look back, I realise that actually it was probably the biggest decision I’d made in my life and now I can safely say, it was the best decision I’d made.

I went from seeing my mum and sisters daily, to seeing them for a few days every few months. That was one of the biggest shocks for me. Again though, I now feel like it actually made us closer. When I go home now, we have a lot to catch up on, and I always get reminded of what good food is! My mum’s cooking is better than Mary Berry’s and Jamie Oliver’s.

As for ‘the real reason we go to uni’ – education. I went to university with the intention of studying Television Production for 3 years, and that didn’t happen. After less than a month I realised that such a specific course was not for me, along with the added issue of not being able to gel with anybody on the course. SO, I decided to change my course to Media production and see if that worked out better, which luckily it did. As a practical learner however, had I realised the amount of theory that was involved with university, I honestly don’t know if I would have decided to go. It’s a great experience, however apprenticeships and other options may have been better suited for me.

The student lifestyle! Despite the general opinion of a student lifestyle, not everyone wastes their student loans in a week getting drunk. The student lifestyle for me would be the only reason I would choose to go to university again, which is obviously not a good reason to go!

In first year, I lived in student halls, which was a lot of fun! The shared kitchen area and bedrooms were only a couple years old and having a cleaner once a week was an bonus! Living in halls was definitely not boring, and there was always something going on! It may surprise those non-students just how creative students can be with their time. Who knew chairs, sofa’s and duvet covers could create a crazy golf course!


Second and third year is slightly different as that’s when everything counts! It’s still great fun being able to live with your best friends and having student loans just handed to you! Being only a couple months away from hopefully graduating, I am proud that I stuck with Uni because it can be really testing at times. One thing I am even more proud of however is having been so independent – I have worked over 25 hours a week in my job during both second and third year and I’ve never had to rely on my mum for money!

Although reflecting on the past 3 years is quite uplifting, the stresses of life are probably only just beginning! I have just over a week before starting a new full time ‘adult’ job and to say I am pretty scared would be an understatement!

Chris 🙂 

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