I have mentioned that I’m in my final year of uni quite a few times in previous posts, and I also, at the beginning of the year, wrote a post about how I was dreading the last few months. My sister once told me that I would enjoy the first year of university, dislike the second year and hate the third year. Oh how right she was.

The final year is definitely a crazy mixture of emotions and here are some of the thoughts of a lot of students will have….

Why am I doing this?
Was university actually my decision?
The sooner this is over, the better.
How will I even finish this in time.
Surely I can just wait a few days and then write 4000 words in a few hours.
Ok maybe I should get on with it.
Why are these opinions important to quote?
I now have to write about a topic I don’t even know about.
The past 2 and a half years have been all for what.
I hate university.
I bet the bibliography never even gets checked.
Maybe I should write about something different.
I can’t let one dissertation stop me graduating.
Ok well I have 2000 words left, and 5 days to do it in. I’ll just do 400 words a day, it will be fine.
Oh crap, I have plans on Tuesday. Ugh, that now means I have to do more words today.
Just get on with it.
Now I understand why they say university gives you no advantage.
What will I even do after uni?
I will be fine.
I hope so anyway.
Just relax, watch some TV and deal with it later.
Maybe that isn’t a great idea.
Now I have messed up big time.
I don’t even know if this is what I’m supposed to be doing.
Let’s just hope and pray that all pays off.
9,000 pounds, just to be made miserable.
My interest in this course has well and truly disappeared.
I am probably the only person this far behind.
I have never felt this stressed.
Let’s just see what happens.

This blog post has also been another form of procrastination. Although, I’ve got enough time to finish my work, or at least I hope so.

Chris 🙂 

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