Time for another post on something to do in Yorkshire!

Harewood house is located close to Leeds and is definitely worth the visit. The cost of entry is roughly £16 for an adult, which at first seems like a lot, however that is for access to the house, farm experience and gardens. If you’re a student be sure to take your student card and gain entry for only £8!

If you’re a fan of history and into the way of life in old stately homes then you will enjoy being able to walk through Harewood house and experience it for yourself.


If you are like me however and you’re not a huge fan of history, don’t be put off visiting. Aside from the history of the house, there is a courtyard cafe serving drinks and snacks, with an amazing view.  There is also, as mentioned above, a farm experience where you can walk around and see a small selection of animals including pygmy goats and pigs, as well as a bird garden with flamingos and penguins. It is actually pretty amazing how close to the penguins you can get, definitely an experience worth paying for. I got that close one of the penguins was able to splash me!

And as if that wasn’t enough, there are also a couple of gardens for you to walk round, including an himalayan garden with a waterfall, some strange plants and even stepping stones to cross the stream. Scary, but a lot of fun!

Chris 🙂 

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