Ok so yesterday I had a pretty rubbish day at work, mainly because I had to deal with a lot of rude customers. Having worked in retail for about 4 years now, it unfortunately doesn’t really come as a surprise anymore. It did however get me thinking of all the things those customers should realise.

I also believe the majority of the individuals that are ruder than rude have either, no, or very little experience in retail in particular, so here are a few words for those people.

  • When you first come into a shop, whether it be a food store or clothes shop, you need to realise that every member of staff working there is also human. You may be in a bad mood, you may have a lot going on in life and you may just want to be at home, curled up on the sofa watching television. The thing is though, we too, also have many problems and would love to be at home. There is no excuse for taking your bad mood out on us.
  • When you decide you aren’t happy with a price in the store, or you aren’t happy with the way the store is ran, please learn that most rules and decisions are made by somebody who probably who doesn’t even work in the store. To be completely honest, they are probably decided by somebody who is earning more than enough, who has probably not even worked in a retail store for many years. We do not make the rules, we just get paid to follow them!
  • YES there may be queues and YES you may have to wait longer than you’d like to be served or get help. The problem for us is, again, we do not have a say in the amount of staff available, that too is also decided by somebody of a higher position. Shouting at us, telling us how stupid the situation is and how we should have more staff working, is a complete waste of your time. We have heard it hundreds of times before and we also don’t enjoy making you wait.
  •  AND FINALLY, thinking it is a good idea to be completely vile and rude towards us in the hope you will get your own way, is probably the worst thing you could do. Not only will you look a complete idiot, you will also probably soon learn that although we are expected to be polite and helpful, we also have rights. As soon as you raise your voice or say something rude towards us, we have every right to refuse to serve you and we will exercise that right.

Chris 🙂 

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    1. It’s just ridiculous! The problem is people do their job as would be expected and don’t expect some people to be as nasty as they are. I know it’s difficult but next time please tell yourself that you’re not paid to be spoken to like that, refuse to serve them but do not let them upset you that much! Stay and carry on your shift and then buy yourself a large hot chocolate and one of those expensive giant bourbons as a treat for putting up with it ha!

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  1. I can’t believe people are still rude to retail staff, like its 2016? If they don’t like shopping, why do they bother? Why don’t they just do it online? I have never had any experience working in retail but it’s completely wrong that people should be treated like this!

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    1. Exactly, the truth is a lot of people are lucky enough to not experience it at work, but it happens ten times as often as people would imagine. There are a lot who get their own way because some retail staff are afraid to use their right to refuse service. That is a whole other rant though ha! If I could actually post about the things that I’ve experience I would, but its too risky ha


  2. I can relate to this post so much! I work in a clothing and home store and the amount of people who are rude or complain about things which I have zero control over is staggering. Not even my store manager has control over most things! It’s all head office, yet people don’t realise that, so yes I need to see some Id… It’s company policy. End of.


    1. Yeah exactly, some people can’t seem to understand who makes the decisions. It’s quite shocking as well the amount of rude customers who know exactly what it’s like to be in your position yet still think is acceptable !


  3. I’m so glad to be out of retail, I did six years of it through my A levels and Uni but sadly, the arseholes keep on coming once you get into any other sort of work. There will always be contacts within your business and other businesses that wind you up, it’s just a case of giving them the middle finger from under your desk and getting on with life. Great post, Rebecca Claire of Libfemblog.com xx


  4. I am surprised you have the right to refuse to serve a customer. When I worked in the call center we had to take all calls and serve the customer no matter how rude that customer was about the company. They had to be attacking you personally and calling you names and you had to warn them three times, if you could get a word in edgewise, before you could hang up. The only exception was sexual harassment.


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