Luckily, due to the fact pretty much everywhere is closed on Easter Sunday, it meant I didn’t have to work and I got to come home for Easter! Although, it is only for 5 days, which is why I wanted to make the most of the Easter weekend & Bank holiday, especially as I spent Good Friday driving home.

Easter Eve/The day before

So on Saturday, Me, my sister and my mum decided to go shopping somewhere we don’t often go, and we chose Bristol Cribbs Causeway shopping centre. I also don’t really make the most of the fact I can now drive when I  come home, which is just stupid. I posted my outfit that I wore on Instagram because I loved it, especially the shirt and shoes!

I planned to spend a lot of money on new clothes, courtesy of my student overdraft, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. River Island had a 2 for £45 offer on their jeans which was very tempting, however the only item I ended up buying was a new jacket for £30 in the RI sale.


Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is always the same in my house and pretty similar to Christmas day. My family usually have dinner together, which is always the exciting part of the day. My sisters dog also gets treated to a fresh meat dinner! (Don’t laugh at her one eye)


This year however I didn’t eat as much chocolate as I usually would! My mum instead decided to make a selection of puddings and they definitely were a success. There was 2 vanilla cheesecakes, one with a berry topping and one with a peach topping, a strawberry jelly-mousse, and a chocolate and vanilla panna cotta.


Chris 🙂 

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