The first time abroad, a 5-hour flight to visit Egypt isn’t necessarily the first choice of destination. A 10-night getaway in the holiday resort of Sharm-el-sheikh however… Perfect for celebrating my mum’s 50th and Sisters 30th , along with the rest of my family.

Egypt Sharm El Sheikh10

We stayed at the Le Royal Holiday Resort, rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on trip advisor, and I have to say, it definitely is well deserved. Arriving at the hotel quite late at night, we didn’t expect to still be welcomed by somebody who took our bags to our room for us. However, it happened, it was pretty exciting and it was just an example of how friendly all the staff were.

Egypt Sharm El Sheikh70

—– SLEEP —–

The rooms were spacious, cleaner than imagined and the air conditioning was, as you can well imagine, a huge help whilst trying to sleep in temperatures of around 30 degrees. Our rooms were cleaned daily, and we often went back to the room to find a piece of Towel Art left for us.


Towards the end of the 10 days it was quite clear just how much effort the cleaner put in daily, so we tried to brighten his day in return by having a “towel art war”.

As you can see, ours failed massively in comparison.

—– EAT —–

Let’s get the most important thing out of the way. Food! The amount of food that was available across the resorts two main restaurants, was awesome. (There was another restaurant from what I remember, however I think you had to pay extra and to be honest, I’d already paid enough for all inclusive.)

As an extremely fussy eater, I was relieved to find all the things I love, (mainly burger and pizza), were available at both dinner and tea time/ lunch and dinner – whatever you call the two main meals in a day. I also found a love for pancakes with chocolate sauce and the amount of amazing puddings was an adventure in itself.


Egypt Sharm El Sheikh56


—– ENJOY —–

The resort was incredible. There were multiple pools throughout, some towards the front of the resort, which seemed to be more for adults wanting to relax and have quiet time, and the other pools, including a wave pool and lots of slides etc for families and younger groups. A couple of the slides though, were for adults, one being ‘the big orange’ slide; me and my sister decided to brave it and loved it, but it was also a little scary.

Overall, the resort was literally a slice of luxury and then some, however nothing is perfect and it’s important to point out the couple of issues there were.


The entertainment by the animation team, personally wasn’t for me. I think it slightly let the resort down, I kind of expected more than multiple competitions including the same challenges. Myself and my sister also decided a couple days into the holiday to go to one of the nightclubs organised by the animation team, which unfortunately due to a number of reasons, turned out not to be the night that was advertised to us.

Egypt Sharm El Sheikh285

The apartment block we stayed in was as close to the back of the resort as I think possible, and this annoyingly meant there was a smell coming from just outside of the resort which was quite strong, and sometimes it was a bit too much to be able to sit on the balcony.

Anyway! Aside from those two very minor negatives, the resort deserves huge credit for being stunning, and full of ridiculously friendly and hardworking staff. I could talk about the resort for hours, but instead I’ll just pop some pictures below.

I’m going to be doing a further post on Sharm El Sheikh, things I got up to whilst there, a few recommendations and lots more pictures!

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Chris 🙂 

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