In my Blogging goals post at the beginning of the year, I mentioned that one of my main aims was to work with others on collaborative posts, and it’s finally happening, right now!

Me and Bethan both began talking on Twitter, as we are both part of the blogging community on there. The Twitter blogging community is awesome and I would definitely urge anybody who isn’t involved, to do so! Getting involved in Twitter blogger chats is not just a good way of getting tips, it’s the best place to make blogger friends!

Below are some questions we thought people may have about making online friends and the people within the blogging community. We have both answered the questions to give more than one opinion.

What things should you be wary of making friends online?

B: I think making online friends is great but you have to be very careful. People can make up a lot of things and you need to be wary that the person you are talking to is genuine…. Don’t meet up with anyone if you’re not 100% sure who they are, A video call is always a good idea.

C: I believe you will always have a feeling whether the person you’re talking to is being genuine or not. Of course if you are thinking of meeting up with online friends, definitely as Bethan has said, video call beforehand. In this world however, where we hear a lot of negative stories about meeting online friends, don’t let it be the reason to not make some potentially great friends. Just take care with it.

What’s the best thing about blogging friends?

C: So many bloggers don’t share their blogs with family and friends because they aren’t sure people will understand why they blog. This is why blogging friends are ace – they often have similar interests, they understand what you do and the majority are super helpful.

B: I love the fact that I have made friends that have so much in common with me, it’s great to have someone who understands blogging and you can help each other out.

How do you maintain online pals with someone?

B: I guess you will know if you are going to be friends or not as soon as you start talking. I find that with some people you struggle to keep a conversation going and with others you can relate with them so much that it comes naturally.

C: Don’t force it. Friendships are meant to just happen.

Do you think it’s important to make friends within the blogging community?

C: I think it’s completely down to each individual. Some bloggers aren’t interested in making friends, and that’s absolutely fine. Personally for me, I think it makes the whole blogging experience a lot more fun.

B: Of course! It’s a community and if you don’t get out there and meeting people you are missing out on a huge experience.


What are the best ways to make online friends in the blogging community?

B: Joining in with chats, joining groups and just interacting with your followers and the people you follow.

C: Find other bloggers using hashtags (#bdib, lbloggers, #askablogger etc), and just interact with them.

How are online friends different to real friends?

C: I don’t think there is a big difference other than the physicality of the majority of them being online. Some of the best friends you will make in life may well be made online though!

B: I feel like I can tell them more because I find it easier to tell people that aren’t in my real life things. Plus, they are always in your phone! If that makes sense

What are people generally like in blogging?

B: The people I’ve spoke to have been amazing, helpful and so sweet. They are always ready to help and support you. Of course you always get the ones that are ready to start arguments for no reason at all… But you get that in every community!

C: Awesome. Ace. Thoughtful. Helpful, Inspirational. Yes you will come across the odd individual who isn’t particular nice, however definitely give everyone a chance and if you decide you don’t like them, just use the unfollow button!

Comment below with any more questions or your answers to the above questions.


Big huge thanks to Bethan for collaborating on this post! Be sure to check out her blog and follow her on Twitter!

Chris 🙂 

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