On Friday I posted about the last time I went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. On Saturday I then went to Chester Zoo. So, as it’s Monday and we all need a mood boost, I thought I’d post about Chester Zoo and share lots of pictures of the animals.

I was a bit unsure about Chester Zoo when I saw it was £24 entry, although, after spending around 4 hours at the zoo, I can safely say £24 is nothing with the amount there is to see. Even being there 4 hours, I didn’t manage to see every animal there! Chester is the zoo which has been featured on channel 4’s recent programme – The secret life of the zoo, which obviously means it’s becoming more popular. Even with it being as busy as it was on Saturday, I love that you can still see the animals without any issues.

Anyway, have some pictures to brighten your day!

Chris 🙂 

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