I’m a bit of a big kid sometimes, especially when it comes to going to the zoo or somewhere similar. It’s not everyday that you get to see a giraffe! There are so many reasons a zoo is a good choice for a day out; You get to see the animals that we would love to have as pets, even though it would be illegal and you’d probably be killed, it’s also a good trip for families, and if you’re into photography, it’s perfect to practice.

It’s been a while since I went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster, however I never did a post on it.

The best thing about Yorkshire Wildlife Park for me is the value for money! It’s roughly £15 for an adult ticket or if you live close and intend to go often, an annual pass is only £50! There is a huge range of animals as well so personally I don’t see how anybody could complain about the price.

One of the highlights of Yorkshire Wildlife Park is the ability to get closer to some of the animals than other wildlife attractions may allow. The wallaby and lemur enclosures are walk through and although it’s best to stay clear of the lemurs, the wallabies will get very close.

Chris 🙂 

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