The first section I always go to when looking for new clothes online is the “New in”. I’m always intrigued by the new items whether it be slightly altered designs of existing products or something completely new. I also love seeing the products which are bold and a bit wacky, even though I personally wouldn’t wear them.

I find it really interesting how style is something we all view differently and I love that we don’t all like the same look, which is why I wanted to share some of my favourite items from the ‘New In’ section. So what do you think?




New look Hislifestyleblog

As most of you will be able to tell, my taste in colours is very limited. I tend to go through stages of preferring black jeans to blue jeans and vice versa. At the minute my first choice of jeans is usually Grey or Black, however I loved both pairs of the blue jeans (above). I’m also not usually a fan of jeans with cuts and rips in.

What would be your top two items from the images above?

Chris 🙂 

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