I think I may actually be one step closer to finding a skincare product which I intend to stick with. I have been using the Bulldog Original Moisturiser for a couple of months now. To begin with I was using it along with the L’oreal product, which I also reviewed here, however more recently I have been using the Bulldog moisturiser only.

First things first, the highlight of this product for me was the improvement it made to my skin. In my L’oreal review post I mentioned having small dry patches on my face which, thanks to the Bulldog moisturiser, have officially gone! My skin occasionally still feels slightly dry, but overall, it’s much better.

The Bulldog Original Moisturiser is quite thick and it really doesn’t take a lot for an even application, which luckily means, it lasts a decent amount of time. One problem I have with many moisturisers is they leave my skin feeling greasy and generally nasty, and this isn’t the case with this product. Once the product has been applied and settled in, my skin feels hydrated and looks much healthier.

Have you tried this moisturiser? Comment below!

Chris 🙂 

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