When it comes to being organised, in any situation, I struggle a lot. I have no problem understanding how to be organised, I just suck at following the plans I make. Since I began blogging however, I’m starting to realise just how important being organised is. Not only does it help save a lot of time, it can make blogging a lot easier and more enjoyable. This is why I’ve decided I really need to give the organised blogger life a go.

Below is 5 suggestions of ways to become more organised.


This was actually a suggestion from a couple of people who took part in the #askablogger Twitter chat that I hosted. Before you can make a plan of action, it makes sense to make a list or two. Think about the next, week/fortnight/month, and make a list of everything that you need to do within that time frame. Once you’ve got your list(s), you can then organise when you will do each task.


A planner or diary is one of the best tools to help you be an organised blogger. I have recently started using a blog planner and it helps a lot. I’d recommend a planner specifically for blogging as it has pages for planning your content, with check boxes to tick off when you’ve drafted your post, added your visuals and published your post. It also has check boxes for sharing on social media. Although a blog planner would be my recommendation, a standard diary can still help just as much.

Use your diary to allocate the various blogging tasks in order to know what tasks you need to complete each day. I find this saves me so much time as I’m not sat each day thinking about what I need to get done.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 16.30.34

Set days for set tasks

This wasn’t something I’d ever thought of doing until I saw other bloggers discussing the idea, but it makes complete sense. Having set days for creating posts, replying to blog comments/commenting on other blogs, etc can make blogging as a whole a lot easier. If you are able to have a set day for creating posts, you can create multiple posts which can then be scheduled. This comes in handy if blogging isn’t your full time job and you become busy with other things.

Take photos in bulk

Taking photos in bulk isn’t always possible, especially if you have to go places to take photos. Where possible though, taking photos for multiple posts in one go will save more time than you think. Setting a day specifically to take photos is a really good idea. Take more photos than you need and if you still have spare time, take photos of anything and everything because you never know when they may come in handy. You’ll feel pretty good when creating a post and realising that one silly random photo you took now has a purpose.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 16.30.19


I think this is the one thing most bloggers already do, but maybe not enough, including myself! Scheduling blog posts obviously gives you more control over your time. Scheduling your social media posts to promote your blog will also help the success of your blog! None of us are available to spend 24 hours a day on social media, and sometimes a scheduled tweet or Facebook post during  the time we may be asleep can be quite important for reaching an international audience.

I’m going to attempt to do all of these things and hopefully if I can stick to them, life will become a lot easier!

How do you stay organised? Comment below!

Have a good day 🙂

Chris 🙂 

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