It’s February, it’s almost Valentines day. Does anybody actually like the day? I feel like it’s probably time we just phased it out now. It is however, an excuse to spend money! That’s always fun. So if you want to treat yourself, definitely do so.

If you’re buying for someone else though, here’s a few ideas for gifts for men.


It’s a generic gift that most men get for their birthday’s and at Christmas, but it’s a generic gift that they will probably appreciate more than some boxers or socks! Knowing which aftershave to get is the tricky part. You could always discreetly try to find out which ones they use or, just spend some time finding one that smells similar, to what they usually smell like!


I would recommend any of the following:

  • Caroline Herrera 212VIP MEN
  • Paco Rabanne Invictus
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

Aftershaves are quite expensive though, so it is always worth checking some stores like Zara, as they do a range of cheaper aftershaves that actually smell good!


Valentines day definitely, in my opinion, isn’t an occasion for expensive gifts or gifts in large amounts. This is exactly why I think a good gift idea is just a bottle of alcohol of some sort! If you haven’t been with your partner long enough to know what they like, I’d probably just recommend buying something you like! At least it won’t go to waste then.


My top choices of what drink’s to buy would be:

  • Southern Comfort (also available with lime)
  • Disoranno
  • Flavoured Vodka Set


Buying clothing as a gift is always a little risky if they haven’t pointed out anything they like, although it’s a gift which is long lasting! Again, buying something similar to what they have is a good plan. For those of you who know your partners style well then go for the clothing idea!


As long as you could imagine your partner wearing the items, then fingers crossed you’ve picked well!


Valentines is meant to be about the both of you as a couple, so buying tickets for the both of you together is probably my best idea! The list of events and activities that you could buy tickets for is endless!


If you’re from Leeds; the ice rink is back in millennium square, which could be a good activity to get tickets for!

Have a good day 🙂

Chris 🙂 

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