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I’m going to be honest from the get go. I’m not sure where I got the idea from, to do a health/fitness based post. It’s not something you will see on my blog often, mainly because I love cake too much. It’s good to do something different though, or whatever it is ‘they’ say. I’ve never found out who ‘they’ are though, so, If you know, let me in on the secret please.

Anyway,  every so often I have a couple of days where I feel the need to be healthier and, although it doesn’t last long, I do try! One big problem I have is; I’m such a fussy eater. Not slightly fussy either, actually extremely fussy. This obviously causes issues when I’m trying to find healthier meal options etc. So, when it comes to healthy food, I just stick to the few meals I know I like.

One option I considered trying was to start drinking the ‘healthy drinks’, that most supermarkets sell. So, I decided to buy a few whilst shopping, and just see if they tasted good or not. I should probably point out, these drinks are healthy in the sense most of them provide energy or vitamins! Some of them have quite a lot of sugar in.


I got my housemate/fellow blogger Jess to help me rate the taste of these drinks out of 5, as I didn’t want it to be all down to my opinion alone!

The drinks we tested were:

  1. V Water – Ginger and Mango


My Score: 3
Jess’ Score: 3.5 

I expected this flavour to taste quite bad if I’m honest, mainly because of the ginger. I was however pleasantly surprised, I couldn’t even taste the ginger. The flavour, in general, is quite weak and there is no nasty aftertaste. The drink, according to the value information on the bottle, has no fat, sugar or salt in, which I guess is pretty good!

2) Aloe Vera Drink – Mango


My Score: 4.5
Jess’ Score: 5

Again, I was surprised by this drink because it contains Aloe Vera pulp, and for those of you who remember the drink ‘Orangina’, the texture of that was enough to make me feel sick! The Aloe Vera drink however, only contains a small amount of pulp, which makes it bearable. As for the actual taste of the drink, the flavour was strong enough to get a nice taste of mango. This has to be my favourite drink out of all of the ones tested!

3) Purdey’s Rejuvenate – Fruit drink 


My Score: 0.5
Jess’ Score: 0.5

Unfortunately, I don’t really have anything positive to say about this drink. It smelt pretty bad, I’m not even sure what to compare the smell to. It also tasted even worse than it smelt, I definitely didn’t taste the fruit that’s meant to be in the drink. The bottle design was kind of cool though!

4) V Water – Lemon & Lime


My Score: 4
Jess’ Score: 4

I expected the Lime to overpower the flavour of this drink, which it didn’t . Jess thought it tasted like flat lemonade, which weirdly we both actually like! Just like the Ginger & Mango flavoured V Water, there is no sugar, salt or fat in the drink, so if you’re looking for a nice healthy drink, give it a try!

5) Glaceau VitaminWater – Fruit Punch


My Score: 1
Jess’ Score: 2

This was the second worst drink I tested, and weirdly it was also ‘fruit’ flavoured. I’m not really sure how ‘fruit’ is a flavour. WHAT FRUIT!? Anyway, it wasn’t that bad that I couldn’t drink it, however it was pretty close to it. I would definitely prefer to just drink normal water.

I think I will stick to Yorkshire Tea & less healthy yet better tasting fruit juices.

Have you tried any of the drinks above? Got any suggestions for healthy drinks that taste good?

Also, Thanks to Jess for helping me out with the taste testing! Check out her blog!

Have a good day!

Chris 🙂

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  1. I really like some of the vitamin waters but I agree that the fruit punch isn’t very nice. If you were to try it again I would recommend the orange-orange flavour or XXX. When I visited New York they were always on offer so drank them every day!


    1. I didn’t really get how it was fruit flavoured to be honest! Next time I see them on offer I’ll try those flavours! Thanks for mentioning you went to New York :(, so so jealous! Lot’s of people have mentioned going lately, I think it’s mainly to rub it in! hahah! Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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