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So, it’s just over a month since I started blogging, and I have to say, it is quite different to what I expected! I also know from speaking to other bloggers, there are quite a few misconceptions that come with blogging.

1) It really isn’t easy! 

Before actually blogging, I think a lot of people like myself think – ” no problem, as long as I’m writing about something I enjoy, it will be easy”.  Yes, if you’re posting about something of interest to you, of course it will help. It won’t however, solve the challenges that come with blogging like; making the post interesting to others, making sure the style of writing is suitable & creating or sourcing pictures/videos to add to the post.


2) It takes up more time than you think!

Although nobody expects it to be something that takes 2 minutes, I’m not sure many are aware of just how long it does take. Obviously creating a good post isn’t just as simple as writing some text and hey presto, done. Making the post look good, taking pictures where necessary, adding tags and categories. It takes time and so it should. I’ve also found that the time required for blogging, involves the time needed for the upkeep of  your blog, not just the posting of content.


3) Other bloggers will help you!

I never thought other bloggers wouldn’t be nice, but I also never imagined the majority would be anywhere near as nice as they are! For anybody thinking of starting a blog, don’t be surprised when so many other bloggers offer you their help! It just seems to be the case, that so many are willing. I have mentioned blogger chats on Twitter before and I will probably mention them a lot in future. They are a lot of fun and not only a good way of finding other bloggers to help you out, they are proof alone of just how nice other bloggers are. So get involved!



What surprised you most about blogging? Comment below!


Have a good day 🙂



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2 thoughts on “BLOGGING REALITY

  1. My enjoyment level is what surprised me the most. I figured it would be boring and tough work. It’s still tough, but I enjoy it, a lot.

    In what ways do bloggers offer to help you? I haven’t encountered that. Maybe that’s because I do an Mixed Martial Arts blog, (with gaming, fitness, TV and whatever else grabs my fancy, but mostly MMA) and haven’t connected with the right bloggers? Or maybe I just need to get involved in Twitter chats more often?


    1. If you’re blogging about something you’re interested in then it will be fun! There are many ways they offer help. Some may be willing to create posts for you or work with you to create joint posts. Many are willing to help just by giving you some constructive feedback on your blog. Twitter chats are definitely worth getting involved in! Your blog may be specific to MMA, however it’s something many are interested in!

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