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The idea for this post came from my friend Jess, who is also a blogger. I’m not entirely sure what we were discussing, however she mentioned that there were plenty of post ideas online for female bloggers, but almost none for male bloggers! So, as a pretty new male blogger, I’ve spent ages thinking of ideas for posts, which is why I thought sharing some ideas can only help.

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Some of the ideas suggested for female bloggers are also suitable for males, so I will include some of those as well.


Skincare products

‘Get To Know Me’ Posts

Fun facts about you
Favourite places
Favourite memories
Goals/aims for the future
Personal achievements
Blogger tags – There are many variations with lot’s of questions.

Help and Advice

How to get started with blogging
Tips & Tricks for blogging
‘How to deal with’ (Various situations you may have been through – dealing with stress/anxiety/etc)
Answer questions from readers.
Using various blogger tools.

Opinion Posts

Give your say on news topics
Rant about things that annoy you
Opinions on trends

Health Posts

Exercise routine
Eating plans
Useful health products

Fashion Posts

Outfit ideas
Create similar styles to a celebrity
Designer looks for less
Where to shop
Favourite outfits

Other Random Posts

Picture/Video posts from places visited
Playlists for various occasions
Favourite posts of the week from other bloggers
Guest blog posts
Blogger challenges


Hopefully this list will help anyone struggling to plan blog posts! There is always something to blog about! Share any ideas you have in the comments to help each other out!

Have a good day

Chris 🙂

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