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Ok, so it’s been just over two weeks since I started my blog and I have to say, I’m pretty happy with how it’s going. One problem I have, is that I tend to imagine my posts turning out a lot better than they do! Although my blog is still in the early days, as it’s the new year, I decided to think about creating some goals for the next 6-12 months.

Improve the overall appearance

It actually took me a while to create a header for my blog, mainly because most of them just looked rubbish. I am now happy with it, for now. My main aim is to make sure all my posts look good, as well as hopefully being interesting to read. One thing I want to do is use as many of my own original photos as possible. I have a decent camera and some good lighting so I have no excuse!


Work with others

I see quite a few bloggers posting about various brands they have worked with, and this is definitely something I hope to achieve in 2016. Whilst working with brands, is on my list of things to achieve, one thing I want to do often throughout the next year is work with others. I don’t think many lifestyle bloggers, especially male bloggers, tend to work together, but I think it would be pretty cool if it happened. My aim is to post content created by others, not necessarily bloggers, as well as posts created collaboratively. Be sure to contact me if you would be interested in teaming up!

Create more videos

I love video production in general, I guess it’s why I chose to study media. Despite it being something I enjoy, I haven’t really created as many videos as I’d have like to have by now. I also think videos can make certain blog posts better, so I plan to find the time on a regular basis to be able to just get my camera out, film some footage and edit it together, to hopefully look great.


Those are my main goals for 2016, however my only ‘must achieve’ is to enjoy it! Let me know if you have similar goals! If anyone is interested in guest blogging/working to create content together, get in touch!

Have a good day!


Chris 🙂

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