New Years Eve: Outfit Ideas

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It’s almost 2016! Almost time to make some resolutions like ‘Don’t eat chocolate as much’. – This would be one of mine, however the chances of it actually happening are very slim.

It’s also almost time to have the final party of the year! Therefore I thought I’d do a post with some outfit ideas for New Years Eve.

Black slim-fit/Skinny Jeans

I love black skinny jeans! Some people find them uncomfortable, so a pair of slim-fit jeans can look just as good! Apart from the fact that black goes with any colour, I love that a pair of black jeans will make your top/shoes stand out even more! For those of you attending a more formal event, I think black jeans also works as a better alternative to black trousers.


Black Skinny Jeans – £19.99 New Look


T-Shirt or Shirt?  

Either! Go with what you’re most comfortable with. Personally I’m a huge fan of a simple monochrome look. A plain white T-shirt or Shirt is the obvious choice! There are also a lot of other great items online and in stores at the minute:

floral t shirt light blue tshirt white antioch tshirt 25

grey shirt white shirt

navy shirt

White floral t-shirt – £18 River Island
Light blue faded t-shirt – £18 River Island
White t-shirt with grey sleeves – £25 River Island
Grey Short sleeved shirt – £14.99 ASOS (New Look brand)
White Shirt with Black buttons – £18 ASOS
Navy Blue Shirt – £18  ASOS


Usually I would recommend just some plain comfortable pumps in grey or black as they look great. However, a pair of brown suede Derby shoes will smarten the whole look, whilst remaining fairly casual.

grey pump shoes











Grey Canvas Shoes – £22 Topman

Brown Derby Shoes – £32 ASOS


Which of the above are your favourite items? Comment below!

Chris 🙂

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