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Christmas is less than 48 hours away! The excitement as an adult is completely different, however it’s still there!

I love the day in general for many reasons. Instead of writing a super long post with all the reasons, I’ve decided to to do “The Christmas Tag”!


What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

Trying to pick just one answer to this question is hard! If I had to pick the first one that comes to mind, it would have to be Home alone 2 – Lost in New York. It’s a must watch film every Christmas, and the crazy pigeon lady is pretty awesome!

Do you open your presents on Christmas morning or Christmas evening?

Always in the morning! There isn’t the huge rush to open them at 7am now like there used to be as a kid, however it’s a family tradition to open them before the Christmas dinner. It would feel very strange if we were to then open them in the evening.

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

I always remember as a kid being sat in my living room at 5/6am in the morning, whilst it was still dark, often trying to wake my mum ‘accidently’ without it being obvious. My sisters would also be awake perched on the arms of the chair, waiting as though the time in the day was running out.


What’s your favourite Festive food?

The pigs in blanket are always a must have with my Christmas dinner! Apart from that, a chocolate gateau would be my favourite pudding of choice, and Christmas is the only time I ever have it, so that’s festive!

What has been your favourite Christmas gift?

This is the one question that I can’t just pick one answer for. My mum is one hell of a woman! She has always done everything in her power to get us all what we wanted. I had a remote control fire engine one year (random, I know), which as a kid was just ridiculously exciting. I also had a magicians set, although I’m not sure I ever mastered even one of the tricks.

Do you have a Christmas Eve tradition?

I wouldn’t say I have a Christmas Even tradition, however the day usually consists of a lot of relaxing. I tend to help my mum prepare a few bits ready for the Christmas dinner, and then we have a small meal in the evening, whilst watching some Christmas films.

What tops your tree?

I think growing up there was always an angel or something similar topping the tree, however now it is just a silver star.

As a child, what was the one (crazy, extravagant) gift you wanted but never got?

I don’t have one specific gift that I can think of, however I used to circle almost everything in the Argos catalogue, so I’m sure half of those things were super crazy.

What do you think is the best part of Christmas?

Aside from the Christmas dinner and sickening amount of chocolate. As a family, we always find ourselves talking about family members who aren’t around any longer. I’m not sure why, but its always nice hearing about the crazy, funny things my nan and aunty used to do. I also love hearing stories from years ago, especially things I’ve not remembered!

Give the Christmas Tag a go! Or comment below with some of your answers to the questions ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Chris ๐Ÿ™‚

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2 thoughts on “MY CHRISTMAS TAG

    1. Ha it was fun, most of the things that got circled were just a bit ridiculous! And I can never remember thinking “I wish I would have got that random object from Argos”, so they were obviously things I wasn’t too fussed about having !


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