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IT’S CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY! If you haven’t already, get your Christmas jumper on!

One of my favourite things about Christmas is the excitement around Christmas Jumpers. It’s the one time where it’s acceptable to wear wacky, bold clothing! To fit the day, I’ve decided to share some of my favourite ones this year. I also plan on buying one or more of these!

  1. Bah Humbug Christmas Jumper
    – For those that aren’t up for the bold jumpers but still want to join in, this ones for you! The jumper itself doesn’t stand out as a festive piece, but the quote, obviously related to the time of the year makes it acceptable. I love the colour of this jumper with the black edging.Bah humbug
  2. Navy & White Merry Christmas Jumper
    – Christmas films are a must every December, and even if you don’t want to watch them, someone will probably make you. This jumper is for those festive film fanatics, featuring the recognisable “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal” quote from Home Alone. This is one of those jumpers that will make people smile.
  3. Home alone Blue Overpaid and Underworked Christmas Jumper
    – Like myself, if anybody is allowed to wear their Christmas jumper to work, you should definitely get this one. It is however, probably a sensible idea to be confident that your boss or the company you work for has a great sense of humour , before wearing it.Overpaid
  4. The Modern Mr Claus Jumper
    – Those of you just wanting a cool twist on the tradition Christmas Jumper, why not Santa with a rocket? This blue navy jumper isn’t too bold, but still adds to the christmas atmosphere! I love the clever joke on keeping up with the times!Santa
  5. Full on Festivity 
    – I couldn’t decide which was my favourite out of these 3 so I’ve included them all! For those who really want to get involved and think the brighter and bolder the jumper, the better, these are for you. The Elf and Reindeer jumpers both come with a hood attached for that little extra and the Santa jumper has great detail, including a naughty list!


I’d love to know which of the jumpers above is your favourite. Comment below 🙂

Also share your Christmas jumpers selfies with me. Mention @Hislifestyleblog on Instagram or @_HISlifestyle on Twitter.

Have a good day!

Chris 🙂

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*All the jumpers were from one of the following stores: ASOS, River Island, Burtons, ASDA, Next & Topman


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