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Hello Hello Hello! 🙂

It’s officially almost a week until Christmas! I hope you’re all as excited as I am!

I wish I was able to say how organised I am when it comes to Christmas shopping, but I’m really not. I get childishly excited towards christmas and I love buying presents for people, however I always tend to still be shopping the week before, and this year is no different. This year I made a conscious effort to start early, but annoyingly, I still have quite a few presents to buy. I also know I’m not alone!

For those of you, both Guys and Girls, who are still searching google, looking for gift ideas (I do it all the time), I thought I’d share some of the cool gift sets I’ve come across whilst hunting for presents, and just help you out with a few homemade gift set ideas.

—– Gift sets  for Guys —–

  1. Bulldog Skincare For Men
    – This is a good gift idea for guys you know who have difficulty maintaining their skin. This gift set comes with 3 Bulldog skincare products, a Face wash, Face scrub and moisturiser, all containing natural ingredients. As a set the 3 products, specifically designed for men, should work together to help improve the quality of the skin. I have actually recently purchased this set to try myself. I’ll be reviewing it in the future once I’ve tested it out.There are other variations of Bulldog Skincare gift sets available depending on the amount you are looking to spend.DSC_0219
  2. Homemade Lush Gift Set
    – I love so many lush products, but I always find their gift sets contain at least one product that I really don’t like. This is the reason that I prefer to make my own gift sets. Not only can you select all the products you want, you can also save some money. All lush products are wrapped in store when you buy them, so by simply putting them in a gift bag with some tissue paper, you have fairly cheap but thoughtful present.Recommended products: Reindeer Rock Soap – Purely because it smells amazing. Nightwing Shower Jelly – Smells good and makes a cool change to basic shower gel.

        Lush5 (1) Lush6 (1) Lush8 (1)

  3. Nando’s Sauce Gift Set
    – If you know somebody who is, like many, a huge fan of Nando’s, this is the gift set for them! There are a few stores that are selling small gift sets with sauces and salts in. One thing you could do instead though, is just buy a range of the sauces separately and create it yourself. It saves money and you can get more sauces! I have bought the sauces separately and put them in a gift box for my sister (hopefully she doesn’t see this post), and personally I think it looks better than the sets on the high-street.
    DSC_0412 DSC_0411


—– Gifts for Girls —–

  1. Soap & Glory Galore
    – Just like the Bulldog skin care for men, Soap & Glory do a huge range of variations of their gift sets. Some sets include body scrubs for in shower use, as well as body butters and moisturisers, and others including hair and make up products. The Soap & Glory Sugar Crush products have a nice citrus smell to them, and is pretty popular amongst people I know.
  2. Homemade Lush Gift Set (Again) 
    – Just like the idea above for men, why not buy a few lush products and be creative. Lush have a huge range of bath bombs, including ‘The Experimenter’, which looks visually ace and creates a multicoloured bath. The ones that look cool however, aren’t always the best to buy. There are also ones that aren’t as visually pleasing, but instead smell extremely nice, including Dragons Egg – a sweet smelling, popping bath bomb! My friend Jess did a review of Dragons Egg with lots of pictures, so feel free to check it out if you want to know more.
  3. Mark Hill MiracOILous Treat Collection– The Mark Hill ‘MiracOILous’ gift set is a cool idea for anyone who is obsessed with their hair, but also for anyone who complains about the quality of their hair.  As guessed from the name of the gift set, the products are designed to keep the hair in good shape, in particular the intensive treatment cream with Argon oil. I also know from having 3 older sisters, that Mark Hill products are quite popular and desirable. One of the main reasons I chose to feature this particular gift set, was the price which I was impressed with at only £10.

If you’re looking to buy some of these gift sets, I found most of them online. If you want to know specific sites comment below or tweet me!

Let me know if the gift sets above are something you’d love to receive or are planning to buy as a gift.  🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Chris 🙂


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