Hello. Hello. Hello. 🙂

Leeds Christmas market is almost over for this year, but you’ve still got until the 20th, so if you can, go go go!

Those of you who have been to some kind of Christmas market before, you will know just how great the atmosphere is! Even the cold weather on an evening somehow adds to the experience. Strange I know. Those who haven’t been before, you’re missing out. It’s ideal for everyone; groups of friends, couples and families.

I went just over a week ago, for the third year running, and although a lot hasn’t changed, there are always new things that you notice each time.


The stalls, selling small handmade gifts, are probably my favourite part of the whole market. Not only is there always an impressive range of detailed, crafted gifts, I love that you can spend ages looking and not be bothered by people pushing you, to actually buy something.

My only small personal issue with the Leeds Christmas market this year, was the difficulty trying to find a stall that served hot chocolate! I spent ages trying to find one!

I decided to make a video, which gives you a more realistic idea of what it’s like 🙂 I haven’t included everything though, because you need to go to get the full experience!

Let me know what you think of the video and if you’ve been to any good Christmas markets!

Have a good day 🙂


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